Our Story

Stevie and I have been shaking margs for friends and family for as long as we can remember (we even used to have our own Marg Cart!).
At the end of 2019 we set off on a big trip to the US and Mexico. While away, we had lots of requests for our margarita recipe. There wasn’t much to it: lime juice, agave nectar, a little water and a decent tequila. Easy to make but, to be frank, the lime juicing, agave sourcing, measuring and mess was a bit of a pain.
Cue LISTO: an authentic, easy as Tommy’s Margarita mix that makes shaking a round of margs a breeze.
LISTO officially started in my Dad’s kitchen in Sydney. It was a family affair, roping in anyone that was willing for labelling, pouring and deliveries. We’ve grown a bit since then but we’re still making a mix we’re bloody proud of. Real margs, good ingredients with plenty of love.